sliding door motion controllers


Im looking for some much needed help with this as I am new to blue print, and even newer to the wonderful world of VR.

what I am looking at setting up is a sliding door. I am one set up that works like an automatic door but for the live of me i cant figure the right nodes to use.

the idea is …

if (motion controller over laps handle collision, and trigger is held)

door is linked to motion controller



I am interested in this as well. I believe you would have to first constrain the vertical dimension, then use blueprints to make the door a physics object IF overlapped by the controller and IF the trigger is held.

Messing with physics and motion controllers will most likely lead to more annoyances than its worth as there are no constraints on how the controller can move, so I would suggest you do the calculation for the pull yourself.
To do this I would just (As you alluded to) detect when the controller overlaps the door then remember that overlapping point and calculate the offset from the initial point. With some bounding so the player can’t move the door past its frames you can just set the doors position every frame.

If you don’t want to mess around with the math and all that I have an example of a drawer in my VR Content Examples that you could model your interaction off of.

Here’s what it looks like: