SLI profiling questions in VRWORKS branch

I am currently trying the vrworks branch - 4.13 engine version implementation.
I have hooked up 2 gpus in sli and called a profile gpu.
I called vr.mgpu 1 ( therefore i expect to have sli enabled .
When I compare the 2 captures I noticed first of all that the gpu time is the same regardless of the fact that mgpu in enabled. However the timings for the base pass and lights etc are much less. It appears that the Slate flush starts very late. there’s a gap with nothing in the graph.
Is is possible that the profiler is showing me only what’s happening on one of the gpus ? Values for view1 appear 0 ms in the base pass and post processing.
Did I have to do something else besides the console command to enable sli, any hidden checkbox, anything ?
I hope the pictures make my problem clear.