Slate widget Construct doesn't take 2 arguments

I have the following Slate widget class:

class SItemsDBManagerWidget : public SCompoundWidget
		: _itemsDBAsset()
	SLATE_ARGUMENT(UItemsDBp*, itemsDBAsset)


	void Construct(const FArguments& InArgs);
	UItemsDBp* itemsDBAsset;

And when I compile it I get the error: SItemsDBManagerWidget::Construct': function does not take 2 arguments ShooterGame.

Here’s my Construct function:

void SItemsDBManagerWidget::Construct(const FArguments& InArgs)
	itemsDBAsset = InArgs._itemsDBAsset;

        //More code

UItemsDBp is a class that contains a few arrays and a lot of structs.

I’m really new to Slate and since there isn’t much detailed documentation or tutorials about it I’m getting a lot of errors.

If someone could help me I’d appreciate!

Solved it a while back… For anyone with the same problem here is the solution:

If you use SLATE_ARGUMENT() you shouldn’t call

SNew(SYourWidget, aParameter)

you should call


I should have read the documentation more carefully… My bad haha.