SkySphere weird issue


  • I duplicate the basic skysphere of UE4 and, i replace the sky by a star material in the construction script blueprint:


  • The thing is, when i rotate or move my camera (in viewport and in game) i have strange eye adaptation only on my skysphere.


  • I have a post process volume where i desactivate the eye adaptation, but it doesn’t work for the Skysphere.

why do you have to make the stars in the blueprint? Just take the sphere and apply a material on it. The sphere is referenced in the blueprint. I’m just afraid theres something else going on in the blueprint. Simplify that so you can x that off as the problem then focus on the post process to see if thats causing it.

looks to me like you’re using temporalAA. switch to FXAA and see if that helps. TemporalAA is a mess

Waw, thank you Construc_ it’s working :smiley:

Thank you guys.