SkySphere Update Sun Direction using a DirectionalLightComponent?

I’m having an issue updating the sun direction. I have a blueprint that has a directionlight as a component. As a result, I cannot drag this into the “Direction Light Actor” box that the Sky sphere requires to update sun direction.

In the blueprint, I cannot set the Directional Light Actor variable because my sun is considered a different type. Try as I might, I can find no method of casting it to the correct type.

Please see the picture for an example. Is there any way I can set this variable so that the sun direction will properly update?

You don’t need to do that. Directional Light Actor is a public field, you can assign a light actor from the Details panel. If you’ve created your ‘Sun’ light as a component, you don’t the Dir. Light Actor then, just drag your Sun variable to the graph and replace inputs where Dir. Light Actor is attached.

Sadly I have thought of that but it doesn’t work for exactly the same reason. Anywhere the Directional Light Actor is used does not accept the “component” type, thus my attempts to set the actor as my component. Any ideas?

I have the same problem … reason is your directional light is a “Directional Light Component” and the type the blueprint uses is a “Directional Light” which is an actor … am looking for how to convert the one into the other

I think you can use Set Relative Rotation on the “DirectionalLightComponent” instead of the Set Actor Rotation to adjust the rotation of the light.

I have just got this working using a direction light within the blueprint and using Set Relative Rotation to update the postion of the light source