Skysphere or invert sphere mesh problem

Hello I am trying to do 2 things. I want to make a sky sphere that looks in specific way - to looks like you are closer to the top point of the sphere. Second I want to create the sky to be stars that rotate - as you are located closer to the top you will see them only passing and making a small rotation in the horizont, not a full 180 degree runs.
I was watching this tutorial v=JSRsQpRfDlk but from there on I can’t make the sky rotate or somehow make it looks closer to me, I only stay in the center of it.

If this cannot work with sky sphere or if you read this and cant help, can you suggest me a easy way to create inverse mesh and somehow copy the .DDS file from the tutorial around its walls, from there on I can make it follow me and rotate around me in the way I like (its for a single player game)

If placing this around inner circle made of triangle is too complicated I will also be happy with a black picture with white dots and nothing more on it (already have such one).

I am not familiar with 3D softwares at all, and inverting a sphere sounds complicated, but thats all. Then I will only need this result as a imported mesh.