Skysphere Not Available?

Hello all,

Trying to start my first project and seem to have lost the ability to use the Skysphere. I created a new project with all the additional content included and started with an empty scene. When I attempt to find the Skysphere in the Classes search bar, it does not show up. Is this a glitch or did I miss something? Thanks in advance!

Verify egine files.

That will restore all of the engine assets as they are meant to be.

It’s a common mistake (due to many YouTube tutorials that do it incorrectly) not to create a separate instance of the sphere before making modifications to it - which end up affecting every project on your engine/pc…

After it restores, if you plan to modify it make either a copy of it, or create and instance into your local project folder.

Will verifying the engine files erase any assets already in the system? I would love not having to restart this project…

It will restore the engine files.
Anything that was modified in the engine.
Not the individual projects.

Sweet, thanks for the help! One more question. How does one go about restoring engine files. I took a look around but did not find anything in my project. Any hints?

If you still haven’t figured it out, its within the epic launcher. Same place you go to update/download the new versions.
When you click the little arrow over the version that the project uses you should see an entry for verifying engine files. Click that, it will restore all of the engines files back to stock.

Also, the skysphere it self is found in the content browser. Not positive its typed as an entry you can drag from the window you are searching from.

To get to it anyway you can click the view options and enable engine content.
After that’s clicked simply searching for skysphere will show the blueprint in your content browser.

I would still re-verify the engine files, especially if you know you tweaked the blueprint before. But you might not have to to see it anyway in it’s current state.