Skylight works incorrectly with "movable" objects.

Hi guys! I’m working in UE4 ver. 4.20.3 currently, and I’m studying ArchiViz. I was working on an interior project, and I set up a simple rotating door. The problem is when the door or any geometry is set to “movable”, it receives wrong lighting from sky light. Door looks like it’s unbuilt, like it was just imported into project. Or maybe geometry receives some extra light some way? When I delete sky light, problem is gone. There’s no matter if skylight is set to stationary or static. My case looks pretty much like this Skylight overtakes light on movable meshes - UE4 AnswerHub I got no luck, sadly. I searched the web, but still have no idea if it’s a bug or I’m doing something wrong.
Here’s some screenshots.