SkyLight Shadow Casting Smudges

When using the Shadows from SkyLight is there a way to completely reduce the black smudges that it tends to leave behind?

You’ll have to be more specific or show images. Are you referring to the Lightmap artifacts from baking Sky Light shadows or the artifacts from Distance Field AO? Or something else?

Using DFAO? This shouldn’t be an issue with skylight. With DFAO you cab up the resolution of a mesh if needed or disable it.

I did what the docs said about DFAO which I didn’t even know about and the end result was the ugliest thing I ever saw.

It wont work my character has a round head and the typical AO is not enough It has to use a custom AO I worked on for it to function properly.

If you are saying to stick to DFAO forget it the thing is terrible il stick with my custom AO I give up on Skylight.

Try increasing the lightmap resolution.