Skylight reflections too bright

I have noticed that the reflections I am getting in a chrome ball are too bright. Its not the reflection of the sky itself, but the illumination from the skylight onto the geometry surrounding the ball.

Notice how much brighter the reflections are than the geometry themselves.

This scene only has one skylight, which is an hdri texture plugged into the skylight as a cubemap. Light is set to stationary with realtime capture switched off. Setting real time capture on results in the ball being black. If I light the scene with rect lights instead, the reflections look fine.

I am using unreal 4.26.1 and there is no precomputed/baked lighting.

Has anyone noticed something like this before?

Solved by needed to enable this r.RayTracing.Reflections.RayTraceSkyLightContribution 1, Unfortunately global illumination is not evaluated, which results in in dark reflections and alot of noise too

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Thx for the solution, it works for me too! only thing is raytracing reflection does not capture sky atmosphere… still working on it