Skylight Reflections Problem

I updated to 4.9 a day ago and I’m having an issue with the Skylight.

Yesterday it was working as it does normally until I Spawned in.
Wasn’t sure what the issue was but it looked like as the reflections were brighter in game.

So after playing around with settings with no success I just decided to delete and replace it.
That introduced me to a new issue, everything is very dark other than the fog.
I’m not sure if the update broke something or I changed some setting that I have no memory of.

In the pic you can see how the reflections look and what colors they’re supposed to have, as well as where the skylight is located.

Any help?

Does nobody have any idea why this is happening?

Make sure it’s not set to Static (otherwise, you’d need to rebuild your lighting). Try changing from Stationary to Movable (when you create a Skylight it’s Stationary by default, I believe). Also, just for good measure, click “Recapture Scene” button in Skylight Properties. It also can be caused by Reflection capture, if you have one. In that case, also refresh capture in its properties.

It’s already set to Movable. I have a Day-Night system and it’s pitch black in every lighting condition.
I have no Reflection Captures in the Level either, although I do remember having one at some point. Could that have caused any problems?
Changing the Intensity doesn’t help either. Somehow the sky appears to be lit properly as can be seen by the pic, anything else is pitch black only illuminated by the fog.

Thanks for the reply! Any other ideas?

Try chancing the trace start distance. It usually forces the skylight to update itself. Also if the actual skylight actor is inside some enclosed space and the trace start distance is low enough, it’ll only capture that enclosed space and not the actual sky.

It’s really hard to pinpoint the cause of this without seeing the scene itself. I would still consider looking for reflection capture in your level. Just browse through World Outliner and see if its there, maybe it’s just hidden. It looks like you have ambient lighting in your level (judging by the trees), and the problem is just the reflection.

Btw, you are not using a modified version of BP_LightStage from Starter content, are you? Coz that has its own Skylight and they may be conflicting somehow.

The Skylight is located in an open area.
There are no Reflection Captures in my level.
Not sure what BP_LightStage is but I’m not using it.

The scene is very bright as you can see in the pic.
The Skylight did work once upon a time.

This is very confusing.

So I tried to use a Sphere Reflection Capture. Same thing as the Skylight.

Is there any other place I can ask this and hopefully get an answer?

There’s always the UE4 Answer Hub, if you haven’t tried it.

I’m sure lots of people would like to help, but simply don’t know what the problem is (like myself). It’d be useless to clog up the thread with “I dunno, sorry!”

There is a chance that the skylight is normalizing your reflections based on the cubemap. that is how they work. So if you point to a cubemap that is brighter than the actual cubemap in the level, it will darken down the reflections to normalize to what it has internally. You should always use the same cubemap for both.

My guess is that your sky in the level is not bright enough but I agree with the previous poster that it can be difficult to debug these things without seeing the scene.

Thanks a lot for replying but I really didn’t understand what you said.
I have no Cubemaps at all in my Content Browser if that’s what you’re saying.

Also what do you mean by “seeing the scene”, do you want me to send the level to you?
Would really appreciate a reply as this issue is really ruining visuals in my level.