Skylight realtime capture doesn't work - 4.26

Hi, this is my first post here, that means I am still learning so rather to submit bug, I’ll try to ask for help. Because maybe I am doing something wrong.
Skylight simply doesn’t capture realtime as it should. It’s behaving weird. I need to recheck the tick - RealTimeCapture to make it update. Or if I’ll turn off Ray traced shadows, it turn completely black… I don’t understand it all and haven’t found any explanation, what I am doing wrong?

Real-time capture doesn’t capture anything other than the SkyAtmosphere, fog, and clouds. The updates after making a change to the skylight is normal, since it manually needs to be recaptured and making changes triggers the capture(as does reopening the project, baking, playing the game, etc.)

There’s also an issue with real-time capture(when using the above actors) and raytraced shadows as noted by Sebastien here:

Oh really? Thank you - I haven’t expected it’s realtime only for the SkyAtmosphere system. Now it’s clearer for me, hope that’s help me to setup my scene correctly.