Skylight real time capture, upgrade to 4.27

I have a fully dynamic day-night cycle, autoexposure setup, but when I upgraded this project from 4.26 to 4.27, the Skylight (real time capture) is suddenly too bright. The 4.26 setup autoexposes nicely from full daylight to starry night, but after upgrading to 4.27, the Skylight seems to get stuck with the dialed in time when I press play. When adjusting the time in-game, the Skylight does not change. If I start with a night-time setting, the daytime looks flat and without any GI, if I start with a daytime setting, the night-time is way too bright? Did something change with this upgrade, or is there some setting or console variable that didn’t survive the upgrade?

Bump. I’m having no luck with this one. The real time capture is just not working.

For posterity, I didn’t get this working, so the workaround was to disable realtime capture and blueprint an update/capture every time the sun changed.