Skylight Radiosity taking forever in swarm

Hey I’m having an issue in one of my projects where skylight radiosity is taking ages to finish in a swam light bake on preview quality. I’m using the same PPV/Lightmass/World settings as another project which doesnt take nearly as long. Usually the skylight radiosity part of the bake in my other project with same settings takes at most 2 minutes on preview and I just let this project go for about 25-30 minutes and it still didnt finish. the scale of the building is about 2x-3x bigger so the lightmass importance volume is a bit bigger but it shouldnt be taking this long on preview. Not sure exactly how long it would take because I cancelled it after 30 mins. lightmap resolution of meshes in the scene are lower as well. any guidance is appreciated, thanks.

Hi there, I also met this problem quite frequently recently. Can I ask if you have solved it?

Yeah, I did, you have to go through and reduce the lightmap resolution of objects using lightmap density view mode until they are barely in the red or lower. Sometimes too many assets in your map have too high of a lightmap resolution which will make it take forever to start a bake.

Sorry for this very very late reply. Yeah, I also figured out it is a problem of too high lightmap density. Thank you very much