Skylight not working

Not sure what the heck is going on, Skylight is set to Visible and Affects World, the skysphere is within the distance threshold, but the skylights intensity changes nothing . Tried Recapturing, but also does nothing. Tried setting it to stationary, movable, nothing.

This is the last thing I expected to be dealing with!

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It’s happened again, I’ve made another map and after working for a while and building lighting a number of times, skylight just stopped working. Any help? Come on, Hivemind

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Form one line please.
Thanks community!

If this helps solve it, I notice my lightmaps in the World Settings have all gone black as well. If I set the Skylight to stationary I get light, but its broad and not really nuanced. Also I dont get any warnings that I need to rebuild lighting which I normally get.
Have I mistakenly hit a wrong setting in World Settings? Something from in my HDRI Material in my Editor Sky Sphere? Throwing my hands up, dont know, please help.

It´s probably buggy, since I have tested with lots of setting with not only Skylight but Directional Light too.
The dynamic lighting system is not working, you have to bake lights everytime and in gameplay they just won´t work since they won´t change. People said is cause the Eye adaptation bias being by default to 1, but if I don´t have auto exposure, and put the bias to 0, it still doesn´t work.

I had no problems with lights in other versions, so it´s just a bug in 4.25 that needs to be fixed. Unless there is any other solution I can´t find, but Directional Light don´t change the intensity during Play time no matter what I do, same for SkyLight, which may change a little sometimes.

Is it set to static or stationary? I was having the exact same issue but flipping the skylight to stationary fixed it for me (in 4.25).

I had set it to static, though to be honest I just abandoned that level and started a new one. Too much trouble.

Try changing lower hemisphere color from black to something else


If you are a beginner on first project, try changing “lower hemisphere color” from black to something else

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I’ve never messed with the lower atmosphere color before, but that actually seemed to fix the issue by just moving it slightly off black. On black the skylight wont reflect any changes I make to it, however as soon as it’s a different color I have control again.

Why does that seem to fix the problem, or is it some sort of workaround?

I dunno if this is going to help anyone, but, I experienced the same problem just recently. The difference being that the pitch black screen came from me not understanding how skylight works.

For those beginners out there, from what i can see, skylight can only work when there’s already another light source in your scene. For example, it will work and create that ambience youre looking for if you already brought out the directional light first.

Hope this helps somebody

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Thanks, this worked for me!

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Adding a Sky atmosphere fixed it for me

I had this problem when I duplicated levels, none of the skylight options were having any effect. My solution was to delete the skylight, and add in a new one.

Turns out, in UE5, the skylight is much more fussy about the ‘sky distance threshold’ parameter.

If the skylight is having no effect, and all the shadows are black, a quick fix is to make ‘sky distance threshold’ zero.

A better solution, is to use a cubemap for lighting, set



I had similar issue with my Skylight and realised that I forgot to add a Lightmass Importance Volume and it fixed it.