Skylight not working on iOS | Heightfog not working on iOS

==PROBLEM 1== {


In editor: Skylight works fine. Bright’s up all the shadows and does what it’s supposed to do.

Launched to iOS, open up app: Skylight is not working at all. All shadows are black and dark as can be.


==PROBLEM 2-- {


In Editor: Height Fog working perfectiy fine.

Launch to iOS, Open App: Height fog doesn’t exist. Scene clear as day (With dark as hell shadows)


==PROBLEM 3== {


In Editor: I Have multiple houses, each with HLOD Clusters, Proxy meshs, and LODS (And all that Hierarchical LOD stuff enabled) I Can enter the houses fine, and explore as much as i want with no crashes.

Launch to iOS, Open App: I Can walk around for as long as i want with no crashes. But when i get too close to a house, the game instantly crashes.



I Really don’t know what to do, or even know what’s causing the problem. If i can get some help. that would be great.

Hi gotgrassct,

With the Skylight, make sure you’re using a stationary or static skylight so that you get baked lighting from it. Movable Skylight is not supported on mobile.

With Height fog, make sure that you’ve got MobileHDR enabled (it is by default) in your Project Settings. From what I see on Android and iOS 5s everything checks out. I used extreme values and different colored fog (orange) so that it was evident.

If it’s only happening on a specific iOS device please let me know which ones you are using for your testing.

With the third problem, can you please post that as a separate question in the Bug Reports section. We try to keep separate questions as separate AnswerHub posts since it makes searching for others that much easier if they run into a similar issue. Once posted we can have a look and see if we can reproduce the crash you’re talking about. Make sure to include as much information as possible and known repro steps.

Thank you!