Skylight mobility before and after baking

Need some expert feedback on the Skylight and baking Lightmaps. I’ve set my Skylight to Stationary. After a bake what confuses me is the huge difference in lighting achieved on my static mesh actors by simply changing the moblity of my Skylight to Movable. Can anyone explain why this happens? Does it matter what the mobility of your Skylight is BEFORE you bake?


It won’t be an “expert feedback” but the main difference is that movable lights don’t produce GI, the others do! …movable lights are creating real time lighting so they are more “costly”…the other two is stored in lightmaps and the quality of those depends mostly on the lightmap resolution + lightmass settings…

Tagging it Movable gives and extra real-time element to lighting. Slight performance hit but I’ve found it lights the corners and dark spots up nicely without adding more bounces to static.

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