Skylight lighting inside characters mouth [UE5]

Hello, I have an Alembic Mesh inside of UE5 that is getting unwanted light inside of the mouth. I’ve seen this issue before in older posts on this forum and I’ve checked self shadowing, and I’ve tried adjusting the distance mesh threshold on the skylight to no avail. I’m wondering if there is another fix to this solution. I am trying to avoid going the shader route. Here is an image of my Alembic Cache mesh:


here are my settings for the Skylight and Light Source:

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

Its the mesh. Normal is going the wrong way inside the mouth

Hi Rysone,

Thank you for responding, I was skeptical that would be the issue,

however I tried to flip the normals anyway out of curiosity and its definitely not the problem. Flipped normals look like this:

Screenshot 2022-05-12 231932

I can see why my original post photo may look like that, but it is definitely a lack of occlusion that is happening.

Here is another look:
Screenshot 2022-05-12 232413