Skylight Issue - Blowing Out the Lighting (Indoor scene)

Hey everyone,

I’m having a little trouble filling my scene with some ambient lighting. I’m using a skylight but the issue is it seems to totally blow out the lighting in the scene and coat everything in this weird blue hue even when I bring the intensity down to 0.1.

The lighting is fine when just using a point light the issue is it’s not replicating the natural ambient lighting that I’d get from a skylight.

Any ideas what could be causing this?


I’m experiencing the same thing with a large indoor scene (mall). I’ve messed around with everything to do with world settings, but the problem seems to come from my use of the skylight.

same problem,even with builded lighting,anybody know about it

You can add post-processing in the scene to fix some of those issues. It’s not thé awnser, but at least it is something :slight_smile: