SkyLight - Capture Scene vs Cubemap - why so ... different ?

I’ve been doing a lot of comparison light baking for my scene to resolve an issue with SkyLight and I noticed this difference in looks:

Using SLS Capture Scene:

Using SLS Specified Cubemap:

Lighting using cubemap feels lively, while with capture scene looks dull. I tried increasing distance threshold, played with intensity, nothing changes that dull look, that darkness and blackness if the shadows on the terrain.

Any ideas why is this happening and how to make scene look better when using scene capture option with SkyLight ?


Are you sure your sky is large enough to actually be captured by the skylight? Maybe the sky distance threshold is too large and your sky too small?

My skysphere is ~8k units, and then actor is scales ~x10, so ~80k size (overall). And distance threshold of the Skylight is 100k. I figured Skylight should be larger than skysphere.

Or should it be other way around - skylight distance threshold should be smaller than the sky ?

Yes, your sky needs to be larger than the threshold. The skylight skips past all objects until the threshold to prevent foreground geometry from being captured.