Skylight baking with a super bright white result

I’m not sure how to recreate the issue
but I notice sometimes when I bake with the BP light stage
the whole stage I’m baking to turns completely white

sorry for the vague info,
but I’m having issues with this weird skylight

the image where the skylight is on on the left is super white
while on the right, there’s only directional light and skylight disabled

Could you share the skylight settings with us? Otherwise we don´t have a chance to see what is going on here.

Just before I left work I noticed if I moved the reflection probe, the blown out area moved along with it. As well as turning off when I turned the reflection probe off. I’ll try to recreate the problem in a separate scene

You can manually adjust the brightness settings on each reflection probe. Habe you checked this out?

I ended up figuring it out the day before, but thanks for the input!

it was coming from fog for some reason
exponential height fog

if I baked with it on (in the blueprint or outside the blueprint UE4 4.20.3), then turned it off then baked again
all the reflection probes would just be blown out white as seen above
if i turned the fog back on again and rebaked, everything would be fine

it’s a weird issue but at least I can consistently fix it now, I ended up just doing the stuff inside the studio light blueprint manually in the level to figure it out
hopefully this post is searchable enough for someone else to make use of it if they come across the same issue

I have the same problem, but I’m not using exponential fog in the scene. I can’t find the solution

try tweaking your skylight or reflection probe values and bake again