Skylight appearance changes from Stationary to Movable after light bake - why?

Have been using precomputed lighting now for a couple years but there is still one thing that confuses me about the Skylight.
Why after a light bake does the Skylight appearance change when you switch from Stationary to Movable? Its the only light type that seems to behave in this way.

and in general BEFORE a light bake what mobility setting should you use for your Skylight for interior scenes?

Stationary lights offer baked shadows for static objects, and dynamic shadows for Moveable objects. Moveable lights can recalculate everything in real-time, but will produce low quality shadows.

yep thanks am aware of that. Just curious why light appearance in your scene changes AFTER a light bake if you simply switch light mobility of your skylight.

You are probably just seeing the preview lighting, which is a dynamic representation of baked lighting. You can disable it with the “Render Unbuilt Preview Shadows In-Game” option.

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