Skylight and directional light problem: light dark transitions mobile


We are creating a game for mobile Called Kitty Cat Land and we have problems relative to skylight and directional light.

We have some areas that transit from outside to interior but we don’t know how to create two light scenarios inside of the same level. (video Attached)
as you can see in the video inside the cave we still have the skylight lighting affecting the area.

so far we have tried

1- put a box hollow geometry to isolate the light. not working and the walls become green (i guess because skylight capturing the outside that is green)
2- put reflection capture sphere outside and inside the cave. No difference after building lights.

We cannot use dynamic lighting because performance. what do you recommend?

PS: Besides we are using Skysphere because if we remove it the whole ambient light gets broken and my guess is that Ue4 skybox default is expensive in mobile.