Skybox Texture won't render

I am trying to make a skybox. however, I have tried making the texture a 3D cubemap, I have tried making it a .DDS file. I have tried .png and .jpeg files. I have watched four youtube videos and the cubemap texture still won’t render. Also I tried making a vector for my reflection vectors. I have tried everything. I have two papers and a final coming up and I don’t have the time to devote to this problem. Help would be much appreachited.

these are some photos for clarity64fc2127860e83c661291c3722eec52c[1].png6509f0a2df60834ed029eae430b496b7[1].png.

I tried turning the spherical map into a cube but it made no difference in the error message.

It seems that a cubemap is missing, a node is missing.

The error is kind of throwing the answer to you :slight_smile:

So how do I make a cube texture?

What is a texture cube?

Here you go :):

Thanks. I am about to go to class but I will look at this later.

FWIW you can also sample a non cubemap as a cubemap using the material function “LongLat to UV”. Simply hook up your reflection vector to the input and then the output goes to your texture UVs.

minor note but that function isn’t quite named right. It really should be called Unit Vector to LongLatUV to be more accurate.

under the hood the engine remaps the vector to the longlat format when its a cubemap. But only way to import proper cubemap is using .HDR format.

thanks for your response. One more question. would using a texture cube look better or the material function “LongLat to UV.”

no real difference other than regular textures can be higher resolution than cubemaps. You also don’t really need to use the function if you can unwrap your skydome correclty.

so anyway I got the skybox texture to render but now it looks like this. 5b98f84f2f16d65731692e8081d5338de72a7c66.jpeg

I have red done my skybox at least four times using two youtube video.

also what can I do about all of those squares in my map?

You are using a texture that’s 1024x449px - it’s waaaaaaaaaaaay too low resolution. Use at a very least 2k texture, preferably 4k.

the thing is though I can’t afford to pay the fee for a 2000 or a 4000 pixel picture and charges a fee for big files and cubemaps.

also do you mean that the low res textures are affecting my landscape as well?

well when I resized my texture to 8195 x 5400 pixles in I got thisSkybox Texture Two.png When I resized it and sharpened it is was still grainy as F*ck. Do I just need to ditch the texture and be done with it or do I need to start from scratch with a new skybox? Or is there a third option?

You can find some free high res skyboxes if you look around, there’s some here Joost Vanhoutte

do you know of any free HDRI open source skybox websites that aren’t malwear? If not how can I create my own HDRI texture?