Skybox/Spacebox help please

Alright, I am trying to figure how to make my own skybox/spacebox. I have followed pretty much every tutorial I have found online, yet I cannot seem to get my skybox/spacebox the resolution I want. It always ends up looking blurry. I have checked nomipmap as people suggest and it has no effect.

I also made a cubemap in blender, and it works the way I want when export it to unreal engine 4, but I think using a skybox/spacebox would be better as it covers a larger area than an inward sphere. I want to make this space game, although first I need to understand how things work and I really could use some help in figuring out how to make a high resolution skybox/spacebox.

Welcome to the club. I have the same issue. Just posted something similar Creating a simple Skybox in 4.7 (All tutorials are for 4.6!) - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

Also this guy here Skybox ugly texture-result - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

It seems people who post about skyboxes are looked down on.

What you can do is use high resolution images but the dds or hdr files can become over 100 megabyte big lol. In unity or coppercube this is much easier to do since I just need 6 images and apply them on a “sky” cube.

You are right, there is no way to get the skyboxes look good. Even using dds files I am not getting good results. Any ideas?

You are right man. I am also having that issue. Even the video tutorials from people in youtube seem to have that issue (they have a really bad quality). Waiting response from Epic Games team.


Every problem has a solution.

open UE4 ///Epic games goto Learn tab , goto Community Contributions right at the bottom on the page and download “Sci-Fi Bunk”

This example has a skybox / space box

Im totally clueless to ue4 but i have grabbed the spacebox and planet with a sun texture and mirgated them to my project, then after a bit of messing around in photoshop .
made the spacebox textures transparent for Black only, then places a skydome larger than the space box so the space galaxy texture is inside the skydome so i can rotate the sun = time of day.
It seems to work fine and i hope it helps.

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