Skybox images/Cubemaps?

How do you create a skybox that has a terrain in the image?

Where can background images/Cubemaps like these be acquired from?

Thanks for that but how do I get these into my map and align them correctly?

Additionally, are there any background images/hdris/cubemaps featuring mountains from the free epic stuff on the marketplace?

You import and add it to a sphere. Some of their example contents have similar skies i.e infiltrator demo, vehicle game, etc. but I don’t think there is one with mountains on it. Not sure.

Is there a tut that you’d recommend anywhere, before I mess this up!

Although I can import the hdri texture straight from hdrihaven into ue4 I can’t add them to the skysphere?

How do you do this?

There must be plenty of tutorials if you google UE4 Skydome Tutorial.
Eitherway I recommend you to start with basic UE4 tutorials in order to become familiar with materials too which is part of the skydome creation process.

Trust me I’ve tried half a dozen and theyre really not straightforward


Do you know of any hdri background images from epic that have mountains in them?

I can’t seem to access the vehicle game demo, that may have one in?

Is there an easy way to change the sky texture, I’m trying to use the T_Sky_Non_HDRI texture from vehicle game, but am making a mess of things