SkyAtmosphere problems with small planets 4.26

We’re attempting to get the SkyAtmosphere working on a small planet size (ground radius ~5.5), and having a very hard time getting the clouds to look good with the new version of the Atmosphere in 4.26.

At large scales, the clouds look great, but as soon as it gets close to what we need, the detail is awful and the two layers of clouds become weirdly offset for the size… any ideas??

Below is the difference I’m talking about:

Also, all of the example projects/bps for this in Plugin content have been disabled temporarily in 4.26… does cloud painting exist in a functional way in 4.26 anywhere? From what I saw in the documentation, it points to the aforementioned disabled content… :sweat_smile:

Did you get anywhere with this @rolfesam? Very frustrating. :slight_smile: