Sky horizon with ocean shows dark bottom of sphere. How to set it for a nicer view

Hopefully this is an easy change but does anyone know how to set sky so ocean views can see horizon properly?

Instead you see the bottom half of the sky sphere which is dark. Just needs a slight tweak to add a little extra and it would be good. Not sure why its set like this be default.

It’s really hard to tell what you mean without a picture. Also, are you using the sky atmosphere actor or normal actors?

In any event, the two main areas I’d shoot at are:

  1. Make sure you environment actors ( sky, water etc ) are placed at 0,0,0

  2. Drop an exponential height fog in the level.

I mean the skydome itself has a lower half of sphere being dark. If top cloud texture went a little down past the horizon it look great. Not sure how to do so though.

If you want the lower half of the sky dome to stop being dark, then uncheck

Thanks but that doesn’t fix the issue. Im talking about the texture or effect applied to the sky sphere itself not atmospherics or the skylight. Changing skylight lower half just affects lighting. I want the clouds and blue sky on the far horizon to go a little below sea level.

I think then you either need to just move then hemisphere down, quite a lot.

A lot of sky spheres also repeat the stuff in the upper half, on the lower half.

Which sphere are you using? Do you have a pic?