Sky Atmosphere / rendering costs.

Has anyone had a chance to benchmark the difference in rendering cost between a fully dynamic world with the old sky sphere VS using the new SkyAthmosphere customized material onto the same size sphere?

I watched the introduction videos to the new system. The benefits on it seem to be worth switching over (on a completed project, so this entails re-doing a bunch, including the height fog changes I had coded since they can now be material based ). However I’m trying to Gain 5fps at 4k. Not Loose further fps due to render time increases.

Hence, i’m wondering if anyone has gone through and done a “default settings” bench mark comparing the 2 systems.
Something that can give an idea on possible Red flags before I attempt the switch.

Currently, the only reason I’m really considering the conversion is the new skylight functionality coming in .26
It seems very viable for the kind of wold rendering I want, and I do think that it is currently a missing piece. However I’m sure this will end up costing on the render side even if it is said to be affordable.

I haven’t actually benchmarked it, but it seems pretty light. Whereas the volumetric clouds, you’d better break out your cray for that…

Yes, I don’t really expect the volumetric vanilla clouds to run smooth. The ones derived from Burks material i made are already performance killers.

I made a copy of a secondary scene I had and replaced the skysphere with the athmosphere system+volumetric fog.
the problem with benching it is that in order to get an accurate measure I think I need to run 2 project versions (because of project settings).

Offhand it seems that the volumetric fog with the sky atmosphere setup is more expensive then the defaullt version using the same settings.
In FPS terms by a lot. From around 100 down to 70.
However when running in pie this cost seems to go back to where it should be, so its a bit confusing.

New sky atmosphere doesnt cost in there of performance. It is just a combination of previous tools + a new sky algorithm . It is basically usable and powerful

I’ve noticed that using the new sky/atmosphere while also having a SkyLight component that updates on tick is extremely expensive. I’m getting 8ms of extra GPU draw time, which is insane. And this is the way in which it is setup in every new level that uses the SkyAtmo.

That cost is been high all along for the skylight.
if you watch from ants to outerspace Sjoren mentions it, along with a new way that the skylight captures coming into the next release.

I ended up putting the new system to use, simply because I know that going forward it will get better.
The rendering cost difference is negligible so far. Depending on how you add clouds and stars.