Sky atmosphere not lighting new materials?

I’m having this issue using the Sky Atmosphere to create a night time environment but i’m running into the problem where all my custom assets dont light properly. I followed the substance to UE4 workflow when importing these new textures but no matter what i do they stay lit when its meant to be pitch black. Google has not helped me on this issue at all so i’m at a complete loss. Starter UE4 content works fine and baked lighting works fine but i need to use dynamic lighting for this scene so i’m not sure what I’ve dont wrong

heres an image of part of my landscape material which i use a new texture, as you can see its lit up like a christmas tree despite not having any emissive map. It’s using base colour, normal, AO, roughness and 0 metallic.


Heres a building with the same issue with a similar material set up which was not made in substance and is a bit more simplistic

All the other blackness in these images are from standard UE4 materials like the ground grass one i used on my terrain
Can’t find what I’m doing wrong and everyone I’ve asked uses built lighting so they have never had this problem. Any info would be much appreciated

You also need to use a Sky Light as well. Check whether you are using it or not.

If you’re sure you won’t need static prebuilt lighting then:
Open Project Settings, uncheck Allow Static Lighting (all setting up top > search) (project wide)
Window > World Settings > Force No-Precomputed Lighting (Per level)
That will disable lightmass entirely and only allow dynamic lighting.
Sometime you will need to hit build lighting after these options are ticked to clear out any lightmaps.

Forcing precomputed lights off worked seems that all the new stuff was getting pre built lighting assigned to it which i only want dynamic