Sky atmosphere in VR not working


Is Sky atmosphere currently not working for android VR? I created a sky atmosphere with the lighting near sunrise/sunset. However it is not being rendered in Quest1/Quest2.

I’d like to know if this is an isolated case on my end or is this really not working at all.

I was able to get it to work only if I created a material that intercepts the sky data and displays it on a mesh with the Is Sky setting. It was described in Unreal’s walkthrough of it but not as something required for Quest or VR.

My guess is that the default SkyAtmosphere combines a mix of depth fog effects with a flat infinite background gradient, and one or both isn’t working with VR, or maybe it’s that he result is displayed entirely through a medium (like fog) that isn’t enabled. The material node that samples SkyAtmosphere (and BP_Sky_Sphere) might either be presenting the data in a better form (on a solid mesh) or skipping the bad calculations (depth/fog stuff).

Really just making the explanation up in the absence of a better answer. If you still need a way around this, make an Unlit material, set it to Is Sky, assign SkyAtmosphereViewLuminance to its emissive, and assign it to a SM_SkySphere in your map.


I am still having this issue

Based on this thread the problem seems to be forward shading not supporting the SkyAtmosphere, which pretty much makes the whole system unusable for stand alone VR. :frowning:

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