sky atmosphere for small radius planets

Is it possible to use the sky atmosphere component with tiny objects, like a sphere of radius 1? it seems I can’t have any kind of output.

Hello, and UP :3

I’m currently using the Voxel Plugin free, and my planet with a radius of 43700 (so 87400 diameter, which is sometimes used as radius for some weird reasons) looks already way too small to be used with SkyAtmosphere.

I seen that in UE4, 1 unit was equal to 1cm, why not, but in my game my scale is more 1 unit = 1 meter.

Also, I seen that the SkyAtmosphere was clamped to 100 km radius minimum (or diameter ? IDK) and if I follow the 1cm rule, it means my planet surface should be at -at least- 10 000 000 units from the center of the level, which seems unplayable.

So if I was able to set the “ground radius” to 4.37 (or 8.74) instead of 100 minimum, it will be so great !