Sky Atmosphere Fog issue

Hello, I’m trying to put some atmospheric fog for the mountains on the back of my scene but there’s an issue where whenever I move my camera there’s a line flickering just on the most far objects. I wondered that maybe is the horizon line is too up in my Z axis causing artifacts on the very edge.
But certainly I have no idea what is causing it.
Attached images to example my problem.
Here line flickering at bottom of mountains:
Here at certain angles artifacts appear to disappear:;base64

Thank you!​

Hi [USER=“4298255”]Fulgor KLR[/USER] ,

Yes that is an artefact that can appear with strong atmosphere: the low resolution aerial perspective texture can show up when you are right-on or *below *the planet virtual ground. This is one the list of to-be-fixed (I tried at some point but failed, I need to come back to it at some point and set the fog amount of voxel below the surface to the fog amount of their projected on the planet ground level, I think that would be the best.)

To workaround this, you can either (1) move your world up or (2) set the SkyAtmosphere transform mode to TopAtComponentTransform and move the component (and thus the planet) lower in your space.

Thank you! Yes I fixed with the TopAtComponentTransform and moved the component down the Z axis. is looking nice now.

I heard somewhere that(May be from the SkyAtmosphere demo YT video), atmospheric fog is not supported with SkyAtmosphere. Is this the issue?

@arunodas correct: AtmosphericFog is indeed not working when SkyAtmosphere is used (it is duplicated anyway) but that is not the issue here. “AtmosphericFog has been deprecated in 4.26 and will be removed in UE5” is probably what you have heard in that video.

Yeah! Maybe.
Thanks for the clarification.