Sky atmosphere | exponentialheightfog | day n night cycle

so im creating a day and night cycle with sky atmossphere and exponentialheightfog. ive managed to make it change the fog color but the transition is not very smooth its a instant change, Also im trying to add stars. i was wondering if anyone know how to fix this or got any tips?

There are a bunch of assets on the marketplace that do this extremely well. I spent maybe 2 days trying to get something working and I was never able to get it to look as good as the assets I found.

There is a tutorial series by CodeLikeMe on youtube about how to do it if you want to try to do it yourself.

he uses a skydome tho. can you have 2 suns in a skydome? when i tried a skydome, the other sun become invisible

There is another method as well that you can try, check out this video:

This isn’t using a skydome he uses a post process material to do the stars, maybe you could try that approach?

I stuggled with implmenting the cube map post process material properly but somebody helped me on answerhub:

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i get stars on the screen. but they are infront of the camera and i want them in the sky. not sure what im doing wrong here

EDIT: i created a material for the skysphere i made and im pretty happy with the results. maybe to much stars but i can tune that down