Sky Atmosphere Component


I tried the sky atmosphere tutorial How-To. I am at a lost because I think I am following the right steps based on Exploring the depths of the new Sky & Atmosphere system | Unreal Engine - YouTube

The steps I followed.

  1. Place planet generator at coordinates (0,0,0). It generates a planet.
  2. Place a sky atmosphere at origin(0,0,0) with a radius at 1,000 and 200 or so atmosphere.
  3. Place a directional light.

I’m not sure what is wrong. Maybe someone is more familiar to the component.


Not sure about the planet generator. I would think the measure on it is wrong? Then again the athmosphere is wrong too.

For sky athmosphere. The default ground radius is in KM
So 100 like you have is supposed to be smaller than the default (around 6000. Which is close to earth, ~6357km).

athmosphere height should also be in KM. So 10k is very high for atmosphere around a planet of 100km? The default value doesn’t really conform to earth values, but it should also be considered that in reality earthis not a perfect sphere, so the altitude of the athmosphere varies based on the geolocation. I don’t think this aspect is considered at all since the athmosphere is rendered as a sphere.

Next, the sky athmosphere is missing a parameter called transform mode. I’m not sure why that is - engine version maybe?
however that parameter needs to be set to Planet Center @ component Transform for having the athmosphere work as you are describing.

The default setting is Planet Top at absolute world origin.

Im not entierly sure these values work correctly either.
the tooltips for the component are mostily still copy and pastes out of place, so they don’t help any. Trial and error does…

Currently the weirdest rendering issue I have with this new method is that there is always fog on the planet no matter what.
when you remove all fog, you get wierd shading/colors on the terrain…

Nods. I’m trying to find all the settings maybe something is disabled.