Skinwalker | UE 5.2 Cinematic

It was an incredible experience to work on such a large project within our small team. We were tasked with creating a short teaser video for the game “Skinwalker” in just one month.


Hi there @Uraganfedya, hope you’re well!

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Thanks and happy developing! :slight_smile:


Hello, @Uraganfedya! We’re happy to have you join us and be a part of the Unreal Engine community! I hope you’re enjoying your weekend. :grin:

Your short cinematic teaser for the game “Skinwalker” was thrilling! How you and your team curated the sound of the main character’s heartbeat and the muffled audio made the fear element so realistic; I got shivers! You truly captured the essence of fear in your design. Fantastic work with this creation! :clap:

Interesting! :scream:


Hi there @Uraganfedya,

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This is kind of incredible. It was suspenseful, eerie, and hauntingly ominous. The moment the meows started I immediately got goosebumps. The trailer is simply perfect and definitely got me hyped to see more of this game.

Wonderfully done. Can’t wait to see gameplay! :slight_smile:


cant wait for the Game! :grinning:

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This, so much! I would love to hear any updates on this project you may have! @Uraganfedya :eyes:

Also, welcome to the community! @RedspiderBoltenaFine :grin:

Wow looks amazing

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