Sketchup into UE4

I know its a known problem, I just want to know.
Has anyone ever got that workflow right? even if it is Sketchup to 3Ds to UE4 or however. Is it actually possible to end up with a nice result?

Becuase I would really like to know if it is possible or I should let go from sketchup and start to learn modeling in 3Ds or something. (the problem is that I don’t think I could get much presision, nor have a fast workflow)

Stay with Sketchup if you’re comfortable with it, I use Sketchup for pretty much all my UE4 work. The workflow is literally Sketchup -> UE4, that’s it.

These were two projects that came from Sketchup (originally from Vectorworks):

Amazing, how do you do tho? do you use sketchUV? whats the secret?

Yeah 1 thing I like about sketchup is the boolean type workflow how you can make windows and doors so fast its like how modeling should be except when exported the topology is not ideal.
UV’s is the bigger reason I never tried it hardcore, not sure how well you can go with that.
I mean after a while would you not just say, man I should just model this in max/maya? Or is it actually good?

Hey there,
I’ve tried converting from Sketchup to 3DS Max to UE4. I believe you can have a great result.
I’m in the middle of converting one right now. If you want to see my sample, just drop your email address and I will share my project by Google Drive.

Basically, you get the model from Sketchup export it to 3DS max. Then in 3DS max I check some inverted faces, grouping object, then unwrap UVW and lightmap (2nd layer UV). Then export it to FBX.
Then import it to Unreal 4. Then you can update your material. You can make material right in Unreal 4 or using another software to create material.

You can just go straight from SketchUp -> UE4. I only use 3DS Max for more complex stuff like furniture assets. And I don’t bother with SketchUV, I just direct import and auto-generate lightmap on import and it works fine.

How do you go about doing this? Do you have the pro version of Sketchup that allows FBX export or does this work on the free version somehow?