Skeleton Meshes: Max bone influences?

Just a quick question here that I haven’t been able to find a solid answer for:
Is there a maximum number of joints that can influence a vertex on a skinned mesh?

I have heard that Unity has a 4 bone limit, so that no vertex can be influenced by more than 4 bones.
Is that the case for Unreal Engine 4? I hope not, because this is the future right?

For SM4 (D3D10) and SM5 (D3D11) the max influence is 8. For ES2 (Mobile) max influence is 4

Knowledge dropped!
Thanks so much for the info.

Just remember that using more than 4 influences triggers the 8 influences path, which has extra memory/perf (vertex shader) cost.

Thanks for the extra tip…I figured as much.
As a side note, is there any hard limit on the number of blendshapes/morphtargets a mesh can have? We are hoping for 50/60. Not worried about mobile platforms…nobody plays games on mobile devices…that would be crazy :wink:
As you might quess from my questions, I am really trying to push the limits here…failure is immanent.

How can I increase more than 4 influences triggers ?

Is 8 still the case? It’s only 8 if you don’t use APEX in it’s current state, correct?

sorry to bring an old thread back to life, but looks like unity unlocked their influence limit for their cinematic purposes, which is pretty cool learning it works for realtime things. looks like it went from 4 - 256 bones per vertex.

does anyone have any idea how difficult that would be for unreal 4.22 to make higher bone influence limits with it’s new way of mesh handling things that they updated for raytracing?