SkeletalMesh SetCenterOfMass()?


Ok this one has been bugging me for way to long, how the hell does the SetCenterOfMass() function works on a skeletal Mesh? On the attached screenshot, I’m just setting the center of mass at (0.0, 1.0, 0.0) and it’s offset on the Z axis by 65cm, seriously…

Thx, a

ny help greatly appreciated!

Ok, so I’ve got a final answer to my question.

Why are the axis wrong? Because the Axis used are the one coming from the orientation of the physics body set in the Physics material assigned to my skeletal mesh. In my case I had selected “do not orient to bone” when generating the body and I ended up with Y down and Z right.

Why are the unit wrongs? Because Physx uses m and cm like unreal. I don’t get that as most forces and velocity are always returned in cm/s.

Finally if a function sets a center of mass Offset, I think it should be called “SetCenterOfMassOffset”…