SkeletalMesh has no PhysicAsset assigned

I have animations imported from maya as alembic. When I build lighting I always get the same error on the animations :
SkeletalMeshActor '/Game/Cinematics/…/…/… casts shadow but has no PhysicsAsset assigned. The shadow will be low res and inefficient

I imported them as skeletal mesh, and also tried geometry cache but I get the same errors. I have also tried to right click on the skeletal mesh, create physic asset, put a capsule over it but it doesn’t change anything. I used the basic settings:

Any idea what could be wrong ? My mesh from maya is a character rig :confused:


if im not mistaking the alembic format is a vertex animation format not a “normal” bone-based animation so there’s no skeleton to create the physics assets on.
if your only problem is the shadows error then just ignore it.