Skeletal mesh - Wrong triangle count? Also dynamic shadows not working

Hi all,

I’m building a scene with two characters, one will be the player ( with the camera placed where his head is ) and another character in front of him.

The polycount is relatively small, meaning the player is 16662 triangles while the character in front of him is 11593 triangles, however if I use Scene Rendering to check the polycount I can clearly see that the polycount on the skeletal meshes is higher then expected, and being above 100k I’m experiencing frame drops to 30fps which is quite annoying ( total skeletal mesh count is 56510 tris ).

I’m also trying to set dynamic shadows for mobile ( using 4.11 ) and looks like I can’t use cascaded shadows, so what is the best solution to have dynamic shadows using 4.11?

None. For me dynamic shadows don’t work in 4.12.4 (but should, since 4.12 is when dynamic shadows came to mobile). I recall 4.11 doesn’t even support dynamic shadows on mobile at all.

I tried to have the same setup for cascade shadows, but then I realized that is 4.12 only…but before 4.12 how dynamic shadows worked on mobile? that is so strange :smiley:

But the very strange thing is the polycount on the skeletal meshes, which is roughly 2times the real polycount and I have no idea why :frowning:

It did not.