Skeletal Mesh + Physics Volume

I’m trying to make a pinball game with a rag doll skeletal mesh as the “pinball”. At the moment I have a chute the body travels up through. When a plunger is pulled it triggers a radial force that launches the body up the chute. What I’m hoping to do is add physics volumes in the chute with the water volume enabled so that it continues its trajectory up the chute until it enters the game space where the world space gravity take back over. I would also use a physics volume at the bottom of the chute with a terminal velocity to keep it from rocketing through the bottom if the strength of the radial force doesn’t push it far enough up the chute.

I’ve been combing the forums and other sites trying to get a better understanding of skeletal meshes, physics assets, physics volumes and more and I can’t even figure out if these two things can interact with each other. Would someone be able to point me in the direction of getting skeletal meshes and physics volumes work together or tell me if it’s not possible.

Also if anyone knows any good resources on skeletal meshes, physics, object collisions and things of that nature I’d be much obliged if they shared it. Sorry for the vagueness of my problem. This feels a bit like a “I don’t know enough to even know what I don’t know” situation.