Skeletal Mesh Mover?

I’ve got a very simple 3d model that I’ve imported into my map, its a skeletal mesh that I need to move on a trigger event.

I’m used to moving static meshes using the “Move Component To” function and the following setup:

But how do I adapt this to move a skeletal mesh?

Try making it a BP and setting the world location.

How do you mean?

Make a new actor blueprint, add a skeletal mesh component and add your skeletal mesh, in your other BP get a reference to the new actor BP (from the level or get all actors of class or whatever), then do Set Actor World Location or something like that.

i’ll give that a shot

Ok that works but it moves the actor instantly is there anyway to make it move more slowly into place?

This is how its set up:

Thanks for that, but How do you get the alpha pin on the timeline?

It’s just the float output named Alpha, it can be named whatever. I think you can change it somewhere in the timeline but it’s not necessary.

I’m sorry for the hassle but I can’t this to work correctly, this is my set up as it stands;

I know you said I don’t need it but I can’t get the alpha variable set additionally the Bp in the link you’ve sent has an A and B value for the LERP, now an A value I can supply using a reference, but by doing the same to provide a B value I assumed it wouldn’t know where to move the mesh to so manually put those into the LERP???

I’d appreciate some advice mate.


I didn’t know it was the first time you used a timeline, you need to double click it to open it, add a float track and add keys for values: 0 at time 0s and 1 at time 1s. Check the documentation: Timelines | Unreal Engine Documentation

thanks for that!