Skeletal mesh /mesh deformation support for nanite

Do you think nanite will support skelet mesh, mesh deformation and so on? Maybe there is information???

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You can temporary get around this issue by attaching Nanite Static Meshes to a Skeletal Mesh (Valley of the ancient Boss is made like this if you take a look at the example project)

I don’t know if it’s going to be implemented for Skeletal Meshes too, you could check in the UE git if there’s anything about it

UE GIT? link plz, I was told by people in the discord channel unreal engine that in new versions that are not available to us there is already support for skelet mesh / mesh deformation

There you go

You need to be “approved” first as far as I remember… or logged in? You´ll see. The Git Versio just gives you more control over the Engine and is super useful/mandatory when developing Web applications. However, it is advised, that you know your way around coding software (Visual Studio) and know a thing or to about compiling.

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That page is not visible unless you are a part of the Epic Games organization, to get accepted you can follow the official documentation

Still, I hope the ue5 will support Skeletal mesh/mesh deformation nanite. I was told that this is already available in new versions of the engine, possibly in 5.1 updates.