Skeletal Mesh LOD BUG?

Hi, When I’m in the Skeletal Mesh editor everything works fine, Distance LODs are working.

But when Placed in the Game only the Lowest LOD Appear.

There should be 2 items in object preferences. (Object in level)
Forced LOD Model, and Min Lod Model. (Rendering/LOD section) Make sure they are on 0.

Hi ! thank you for answering that fast ! I m new to LODs and I m French so I don’t see what u mean about both of where I should check values that needs to be 0.
thanks again ! :smiley:

I have added a screenshot, what I ment.

Thank you, I found the values and they are both at 0 but I don’t have the override min LOD checkbox


Do you have an other idea of what it could be ?

Then the actual problem is your LOD screen size values, I take a closer look at your pic and found out that your LODs uses too big values.
At LOD1 you have 0.98, whinch is when model takes almost 100% of screen.
At LOD2 you have 0.48, whinch is when model takes 50% of screen.
Unreal will generate those values when you import/generate LOD, but mostly those values are wrong.
You should try at LOD1 0.25, LOD2 0.15, etc. You can tweak them untill it will look nice.

Thanks agin for answering it doesn’t work in level bp but works in the skeltal mesh editor This is the problem I was talking about in my post.

I keep trying to find where the is but I can’t find it.

But It Works for all my meshes but not my skeletal meshes.

Hey man, what am I doing wrong when the LOD I’m setting keeps popping back into -1 after saving?