Skeletal mesh lighting issue

Hello everyone,

First, I apologize for my english, I know it’s far from perfect.

I’m currently working on a VR ride.

I’ve got a problem with several skeletal meshes and the way they receive baked GI on a scene (in Ue 4.14).
They are animated throughout a long distance with a transition from an exterior to a cave scene at the end.
The whole sequence is exported from 3ds Max therefore the pivot point is flying in the sky (I don’t know if it can affect the lighting, but on other projects it seemed to be ok).

The problem is that they take no lighting information from the baking of the scene we did earlier.
They don’t seem to get any GI at all, especially in the interior scene where they look almost self-illuminated.
It’s very strange because they have receive and cast shadows, they have a physical asset, everything is standard and seems normal.

In 2 years of VR on UE4, I’ve never encoutered the problem before.
I’ve tried many things as changing the indirect lighting sample scale, with lightmass character indirect detail volume, with stationnary or static lights, anything that could work…

The only change I could get was when I activated the “Component use Fixed Skel Bounds” and then the lighting finally got correct, but then the animation was broken and didn’t play anymore.

I’ve take some screenshots to show you the problem. The first shows the issue and the second shows what the mesh should look like.

Thanks everyone !

The model bounds need to move with it, so if you animate the pivot somewhere else, the bounds are probably in some arbitrary region between the mesh and the pivot, and that is where the lighting will be sampled.

Thank you for your answer.

That’s what I was afraid of…
Do you think there is a way to correct the bounds so they stay around the mesh ? Some tool like the one you can use to define new collisions directly inside UE4 ?
It would be nice as I have several animations that are exported that way.