Skeletal mesh imported deformed

I am a beginner in skeletal meshes and animations, and I just made a skeletal mesh in blender for an animal. However, when i import it, it gets deformed for some reason.

In blender, it looks like this:

But when I import it, it looks like this:

Notice how when I import it, it gets squished on an axis, the lower back moves up and the bones no longer align on the legs. I tried modifying it in any way i could but I didn’t manage anything. Anybody has any idea of how to solve the issue?
(There is no re-targeting since the skeleton is imported with the same FBX)

Thanks in advance!

From any DCC before you export you have to apply all transforms/rotation/scale.

If that isnt it, maybe your weight paint is off (as in not there at all given the legs dont follow the bones).

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Open the skeletal mesh, look under “Asset Details” and within the Import Settings, check the “UseT0 As Ref Pose”, which in short uses the frame0 as its default pose for the joints position/rotation/scale, then right click on the skeletal mesh and choose “Reimport”.

Most likely you haven’t set the bind pose in Blender ( that is what’s called in Maya, not sure what’s the name in Blender is ).

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Alright, thanks, the weight should be good, since in blender I am able to set poses fine, but I will try the T0 thing as soon as I get back to my desktop.

Thanks a lot!


Thanks a lot have been working on this issue for weeks now and this solved it! Thanks a lot!

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