Skeletal Mesh has no Collision

Hello, I have a rather simple problem, but I can’t seem to get my head around it.

I have created a Third Person Character using a mannequin skeletal mesh that comes with Unreal. It all worked fine but now that I have added a line trace for my shooter, the line does not collide with my mesh, in fact, nothing collides with my mesh, the only reason why it is not falling through the floor is the collision box, but for a first person shooter, I will need my character to have a complex collision system. If I turn the skeletal mesh into a static mesh, it all works perfectly, but unfortunately I can’t use a static mesh for an animated character.

I am starting to think that skeletal meshes cannot collide with anything because even if I go to the collision settings and block all you can still go through it and if you go into the Collision menu it won’t let you add a collision until you create it as a static mesh. Can somebody help with this? Thanks.


As I understand it it is like this: in your pawns blueprint you have a collision capsule. The collision settings of that capsule matter, not the actual mesh. If you want physics for your mesh you simplify it by adding a physical asset in the Phat editor and apply it to your mesh so you can have ragdolls. Also pay attention to the collision settings which refer to the traces.
You can turn on your collision of your actual mesh though but then you need to turn off the capsule colission otherwhise it may hits the capsule first.

If this doesn’t help you it might be a good idea to start with screenshots of your blueprint and settings.

You should take a look at the collision profiles your character’s capsule and skeletal mesh are using. These are normally “Pawn” and “CharacterMesh”.
The Collision Capsule is a shape around your character which is used for very simple calculations usually related to navigation, like blocking other characters from running through you. For more detailed calculations, like shooting a particular bone on a character or calculating a bounce of a beachball on a character’s hand, you use the character mesh.
The collision profiles define what a mesh will block, ignore or overlap and is used with line tracing.

Be aware that the other object might be ignoring the character by its collision configuration.


Hello, thank you for your answer, I have checked, and the other object is set to collide with everything as well, and it does, except my mesh doesn’t. I feel like my mesh has no colliders on it so it’s relying on the capsule to not fall through the ground, which is fine but for a first person shooter I want a detailed mesh collider to work with my LineTrace.

Hello, thank you for your response, here are some very useful screenshots of my linetrace that I am trying to collide with the mesh. Everything seems to have been set up correctly, and if I use the exact same collision settings on the capsule collider it works perfectly, but it’s not accurate for a first person shooter so I will need this to collide with the mesh instead, which makes it go straight through and no collision is detected. See below:


Can you show the Blueprint of the mannequin? The component list on the top left and what you have selected on the last screen.

PS: Turn Trace Complex off on the Line Trace By Channel and it will work, I guess.

BTW: Are you using Unreal 5? How is the ragdoll working out? Is it jiggling on the ground?

I have the same error, but still, I can not fix it, does anyone know how to do it? :sweat_smile:

I just came by this thread researching same issue. For me i discovered the skeletal mesh asset i was using was missing the physics asset. When i opened the skeletal mesh and clicked show collision i saw it had none.

Just incase this helps someone else.

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