Skeletal Mesh disappears of screen

Hello :slight_smile:
i created a small animation for a machine in which a milling head comes down, is milling on a workpiece and than goes up again like in this video right at the start:

Everytime the mesh seems to disappear if too little of the mesh fills the screen.

If i increase the field of view this behavoir doesn´t occure… i have searched the web for a solution but had no luck yet :frowning:
Does anyone know how to fix this? This problem appears on other meshes with similar set-up too.

Does the skeletal mesh has a physics asset? If it does, does it cover the whole mesh?(make sure it does) And is it in a blueprint or just the skeletal mesh itself?

It looks pretty cool, btw. :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:
its just the skeletal mesh controlled through matinee. When i imported the mesh the editor created a physics asset on its own, do you mean that? i never touched that, do you have some kind of tutorial or a link to proper documentation? maybe the solution lies in there :smiley:

It’s the physics bodies you create in the physics asset that adjust when a skeletal mesh should get culled or lit, so you need to open up that physics asset and make sure it is properly set following the documentation. If it still doesnt work increase Bounds Scale in the skeletal mesh’s Details panel.

Hi , adjusting the physics asset helped me a lot and the problem is no more, thank you :slight_smile:

Just for the completion, where can i increase the bounds scale? i didn´t find any option related to this :confused:

Cool. For bounds scale; select the skeletal mesh in the level and then type bounds in the search bar of the Details panel. You’ll see Bounds Scale slider(set to 1 by default) under rendering tab.

Keep in mind that you shouldnt increase bounds scale unless the physics asset isnt enough for your needs or you want something to render more often than it normally should.

Ancient thread I know but I just ran into this problem as well (4.12) with an imported skeletal mesh from Modo of a physics sim. R-clicking the SM in Content Browser and creating a default physics asset fixed the problem. I’m using these in Sequencer for cinematics so I didn’t need to do any further editing than this. Thanks !

Hi RomanConcrete, thank you for the hint with the right click… I was having the same issue with an imported skeletal mesh from 3ds max. After the right click, it’s necessary to play a bit with the settings to get it working.

I’m having an issue with a particular animated object. It’s a mini/detail version of a much larger object in my scene. I created a new Actor and dropped all my Skeletal Mesh components into it, and in order to make a miniature I reduced the scale of the actor to 0.04 in my scene - I suspect this is where the issue is coming from. I have increased Bounds Scale to 10 for every component, and checked to make sure the auto-generated physics asset capsules were enveloping my meshes. Still tho, when I look away from this item, it disappears when it gets to the edges of the viewport. Any ideas?

edit: It only seems to happen for the bottom edge of the screen, not the other 3… Weird!