Skeletal Mesh animations not playing when far away?

Hi guys. I have a weird issue that i cant figure out.

In my cover shooter project, i have some guys that take cover under some objects and they popup and fire at me. Simple enough. Some of those guys have sniper rifles so they behave looking for cover far away and shoting me from distance. The problem is, if they are too far away they will not play the animations properly. So they fire but they dont play the cover up animation lol so they end up not firing a me, but to the sides of the map instead (because they cant aim at me until they popup).

So, how to fix this? ive been looking around and the flag “Mesh component update flag” didnt fix anything at all. Im surprised UE has so many problems in this regard.

Any other ideas? because the way it is working now, its completely unnaceptable for my project. And im getting nuts trying to figure this out.

Thanks in advance.

Also, is there any option in the world settings that actually will allow to render everything without limitations?

I have a pretty similar problem, animations won’t play when the character is outside of camera range (2d game), thus they can’t shoot at all because shooting depends on played animation time :(( and i really can’t design this any other way… did you ever figure it out?

I had an issue with something similar where clients would not play their animations at a distance, you should try setting the :

GetMesh()->VisibilityBasedAnimTickOption = EVisibilityBasedAnimTickOption::AlwaysTickPoseAndRefreshBones;

This can also be done in the blueprint, select the mesh, look in the optimization section and se the “Visibilty Based AnimTick Option” to Always Tick Pose and Refresh Bones.